Taste, sustainability and health drive consumption of natural wines in Australia

Natural wines broadly refer to wines made without adding or removing ingredients such as additives, chemicals, sulphur, filtering agent, yeast, and has minimal intervention to its wine making process. It is also organically grown, without synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMOs.

Founder, Elliot Scali told FoodNavigator-Asia​: “People like the taste (of natural wines). They taste more alive and flavour-full than conventional wines. Their taste is pretty much reflective of the elements of which the wines come from, the soil, climate, and grapes​.”

“People also like to support smaller winemakers. There are a lot of customers who prefer to support more sustainably made products or for health reasons cleaner wine​.” According to him, the term natural and clean wines can be used interchangeably.

Recently, Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz launched Avaline, a clean wine brand, also influenced by health reasons.

She explained on The Tonight Show​ that her business partner and herself frequently found themselves feeling ill after a second glass of wine, afterwards learning that wineries were allowed to use more than 70 additives.

Scali said organic wines, which includes natural wines, made up about 2.5% of the global wine market in 2017. It is growing at twice the rate of the global wine market at 15% CAGR.

In Australia, Scali observed growing interest especially in food service as more restaurants added natural wines into their menu.

Notwasted was established in May 2019, focusing on sourcing natural and sustainably made wines from around the world. Sales have increased 106% month-on-month in July, with 62% of its customers in the 25 to 34 age group.

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