Tour The Majestic Wine Routes Of Cyprus For Wine Lovers

The history of Cyprus’ iconic wine history dates back about 6000 years. Tourists and locals who are wine lovers at heart are encouraged to take the “Troodos wine routes” which have even routes that lead to the life and culture at the core of winemaking. Named Troodos Wine Routes because they are located at an altitude of 1,000 meters on the slopes of the Troodos mountains, the seven routes lead to 41 wineries that have their hands open and allow tasting of their wineries by tourists and locals. Here the traveler can also expect to find agritourism, tavernas, and restaurants which will serve the unique delicacies of Cypriot cuisine. Moreover, they will get to see the wine harvest, participate in traditional feasts and enjoy the greatest of wines.

The Wine Routes

Below are the wine routes that travel through Cyprus to discover some of the greatest wines the world has to offer.

1st Route – Laona Akamas

This course is within the North-Western portion of Cyprus. It is of exclusive interest because it is not dedicated solely to wine. In this range, the lover of wine can visit four wineries and relish their changed and unique wines, together with the tasty specialties of Cypriot nourishment. Tavernas are bounty on the path and will be beyond any doubt to satisfy. Along with these scrumptious fascinations, the guest may appreciate interesting topography like nowhere else on the island. The route goes along the main streets E701 and E709, which climb to rises giving a few intriguing sights, with countless vegetation, considerable fields of forest, and a worthy binding of vineyards combining to pull in Cyprus’s attention.

  • Wine types: There are a variety of wines available here. White wine options include Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscato, Semillon, Xynisteri, and Malvasia G. While red options include Maratheftiko, Mavro, Shiraz, Grenache, Lefkada, Carignan, Mataro, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Alicante B, and Ophthalmo.

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2nd Route – Vouni Panagias-Ampelitis

In this locale that has ancient wine conventions, among its abundance of vineyards, scattered here and there with recent wineries, travelers may experience a welcome not as it were from the winemakers but locals as well – they are enthusiastic, they appreciate great wine and appreciate sharing their excitement and their approaches. Fine wine and great people are all you require – that’s their motto. The course is in the East of Pafos in a mountainous region with generally elevated altitudes. The soak slants are sheltered by timberland and vineyards. The environment makes territories for a huge amount of greenery illustrated by the clusters of oak (Quercus infectoria). Along this course, the guest will discover seven wineries open to guests.

  • Wine Type: Travelers have a variety of flavors to choose from, including Semillon, Sultana, Xynisteri, Palomino, Malaga, Plant X, Sauvignon Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Muscat of Alexandria, Malvasia G, and Malvasia L in the whites. Among the red varieties, travelers can choose from Merlot, Shiraz, Mavro, Alicante B, Ophthalmo, Maratheftiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Lefkada, Carignan, Mattaro (Mourvèdre), Oeillade, Cabernet Franc, Black Muscat, and Grenache.

3rd Route – Diarizos Valley

Located in the East of the town of Paphos, consisting of three prolific valleys – with rivers Diarizos, Ezousa, and Xeros. This course hikes near the Troodos mountains succeeding the curving Diarizos riverbed, intersecting it and passing 14 mountainous towns, with a chance to visit only two, however momentous wineries. The valley is in the West/Southwest of Troodos mountain and incorporates different sorts of environments in a generally little range.

  • Wine Types: Lovers of all wine types are likely to find their favorite here, with options to choose from such as Carignan, Shiraz, Ophthalmo, Maratheftiko, Oeillade, Lefkada, Cabernet Franc, Mattaro, Alicante B, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, and Merlot in the red varieties alone. For those who love a white wine instead, they can find something they love, as well, with choices such as Xynisteri, Palomino, Malaga, Chardonnay, and Sultana.

4th Route – Krasochoria of Lemesos

This wonderful wine area consists of 20 picturesque villages that brighten the Southern slopes of the Troodos mountains. The wineries sprinkled along this route, each in its unique way kindly reward the guest seeking an interesting and varied wine experience. The course passes along one of the most conventional viticulture zones on the southern comfort of the Troodos mountains with numerous winemaking communities and stands out with its unique flora and fauna. The topography of the area is of universal attraction because it comprises an ophiolite mass going back 90 million years and 8,000 meters underneath ocean level. On this route, the guest will discover 16 wineries that are intriguing for guests.

  • Wine Varieties: Wine lovers can choose from a wide selection of flavors, such as Lefkad, Mavro, Maratheftiko, Carignan, Mattaro, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Alicante B, Oeillade, Grenache, Opthalmo, Shiraz, and Merlot in the red varieties. For those who prefer the white wines, there is a wide selection as well, including Xynisteri, Malvasia G, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Malvasia L, Chardonnay, Palomino, Malag, and Riesling.

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5th Route – Commandaria

This course belongs to Commandaria, the amazing wine of the locale. The 14 villages that create it are found at an elevation of 500 to 900 meters. They are encompassed by vineyards of indigenous ruddy Mavro and white Xynisteri, the grapes that for centuries have been the spine of this gorgeous sweet wine. The first halt on this route is the town of Kolossi, the location of the castle which dates back to the age of the Crusaders. The Arrange of Knights of St John who were stationed here were early supporters and developers of the interesting sweet wine of the area and given the title that it proudly carries till now.

  • Wine varieties: Commandaria specializes in only one variety for each of the two beloved categories – guests can try the red Mavro or the white Xynisteri.

6th Route – Pitsilia

This course goes along the mountain range east of the most elevated top of Troodos. This is Pitsilia, a prevalent name in people’s melodies. The wine darling can visit 11 towns, settling underneath three proud mountaintops – Papoutsa at 1,400 (4593 feet) Madari at 1,600 (5249 feet), and Olympus at 1,950 meters (6391 feet) – overseeing Pitsilia’s vineyards. In this tough scene, every accessible incline – and subsequently developed – is respected as a blessing from the Heavens and the neighborhood individuals have not cleared out an inch unutilized: olive forests, almond trees, apples, and walnuts embellish each road and every yard. The long-ripening grapes here, the most noteworthy vineyards in the nation, are hand-picked and reserved for two neighborhood winemakers.

  • Wine Types: Pitsilia offers quite the variety of wines for wine lovers of all types to try, including Mattaro, Vamvakada (Maratheftiko), Cabernet Franc, Yiannoudi, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Lefkada, and Mavro in the red varieties. Lovers of white wines can choose from Chardonnay, Xynisteri, Malaga, and Sauvignon Blanc.

7th Route – Mountainous Larnaka-Lefkosia

This is a course that takes within the countryside places of Larnaka and Lefkosia, passing through ten villages, and counting three wineries, little historical centers and workshops. Indeed, in spite of the fact that it is exterior the traditional wine districts, there are lively makers of wine here who have established vineyards with the Malvasia Aromatica, Assyrtiko, Chardonnay and Maratheftiko grape assortments. The course also consists of a visit to the exceptionally well known village of Lefkara, prevalent for its bind and silverware, as well as Fikardou where guests may observe one of the most seasoned traditional wine presses in Cyprus.

  • Wine Types: A place doesn’t always need to have a large variety of options, sometimes making sure they offer only their opinions of the best available to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. With options like Chardonnay, Assyrtiko, Sauvignon blanc, Malvasia Aromatica, and Xynisteri in white wines and Cabernet, Maratheftiko, Merlot in red, visitors still have choices but aren’t overwhelmed by them.

Any wine lover needs to hop on an adventure to this trip. It will teach the traveler so much more about wine, its origins, how it’s made, and the love that is put into it before it gets to their shelves. So much goes into winemaking and it can only be appreciated enough if wine lovers know the process that goes into it.

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