Valdemar Estates Acquires V2 Vineyard in the Walla Walla AVA 

Walla Walla, WA, November 16, 2022 Valdemar Estates, Valdemar Family’s first venture  outside of Spain since its 1889 inception, has acquired the entirety of V2 Vineyard – a 40-acre  parcel located within the SeVein Vineyards development in the Walla Walla Valley – from Betz  Family Winery and Siren Song Vineyard Estate and Winery. The financial terms of the deal  were not disclosed. 

“We were very impressed with this vineyard right away, it naturally gives us higher acid at full  ripeness which fits our style very well,” says Jesús Martínez Bujanda Mora, CEO and 5th generation owner of Valdemar Family. “We love how this site fits perfectly into the style of  wines we want to achieve: fresher, balance, longevity. We’ve worked with fruit from this site  for several years and have been delighted to hear people describe our Cabernet from V2 as  quite European.” 

V2 Vineyard is a northeast-facing, gently sloped, 100% Walla Walla silt loam site, situated  between 900-1250 feet elevation. The vineyard was developed and continues to be managed  by Sadie Drury of North Slope Management, with the first 22 acres planted in 2016, including  Cabernet Sauvignon (16 acres), Cabernet Franc (1 acre), Merlot (2.5 acres), and Petit Verdot (2.5 acres). Neighbors of V2 Vineyard include the famed Seven Hills Vineyard, L’Ecole No. 41,  Leonetti Cellars, Doubleback, Pepper Bridge, and Doug Frost, MS/MW’s Echolands. The  Vineyard has been developed and farmed to exacting standards with no expense spared to  produce exceptional wines. Valdemar has been sourcing from V2 since 2019 and has found it  to consistently produce their favorite Cabernet Sauvignon. 

“Sadie’s oversight of the vineyard gives us great confidence; her deep knowledge and vision  that Walla Walla can produce wines that stand with or surpass the best wines in the world  matches our own and we love working with her,” relays Bujanda. “Our winemaker, Devyani  Gupta, has worked with Sadie on the vineyard and we’re proud of their strong collaboration.”  

Winemaker Devyani Gupta recalls, “in 2019 we began working with Clone 4 Cabernet Sauvignon  from V2, and despite the young vine age, it was our clear favorite of the vintage. However, even  more impressive was the way the young vineyard had navigated the hurdles of the growing  season, due to its North-East aspect, elevation, air flow and grade: in the midst of heat events,  the vineyard remained cooler than valley floor, and even after the second October frost, the  vineyard still had healthy green leaves. For me, I personally enjoy the way the wines from this  site challenge your palate during fermentation – they are intense! But with time, patience, and 

technique, the tannins give way to a fullness and length on the palate that I love, and a frame  that is meant for long-term aging.” 

Valdemar Estates plans to expand on the site and is currently working with Washington State  University (WSU) to bring the Maturana grape, indigenous to Rioja, to the United States with  the country’s first plantings slated for V2 Vineyard.  

Steve Griessel spoke on behalf of the sellers saying, “Since coming to Washington, Jesus and his  family have become dear friends and we’ve enjoyed making wine from this vineyard alongside  them. While we developed V2 with intentions for our winery programs, it became clear after  several vintages that the fruit was more well suited to Valdemar’s style and vision than our  own. We can’t imagine a better steward to be passing the property along to than them.”  

METIS, the premier Pacific Northwest Wine M&A advisory firm, was the exclusive Transaction Advisor. 

About Valdemar Estates 

The Valdemar Family has been making wines in Rioja, Spain for 130 years. In 2019, under Ana  Jesus Martínez Bujanda’s stewardship, they opened Valdemar Estates in Walla Walla,  Washington. In 2017, Bodegas Valdemar became the first winery with a 100% accessible and  inclusive tourism experience, and in 2021, Valdemar Estates followed suit, making it the first – and only – winery in the United States to do so. 

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