Wine 8.0-rc5 Released With Just Nine Bugs Fixed


Work on Wine 8.0 is winding down and it looks like the stable release could be out next week or otherwise very soon.

After the prior weekly release candidates for Wine 8.0 fixing around two dozen bugs each week, this week it dropped to less than one dozen… Just nine bugs were fixed for today’s Wine 8.0-rc5 release. Among the fixes this week are double clicking the icon in the title bar should close the window, WeGame hanging after login, slow text rendering, multiple games failing to play videos, slow performance with the OpenGL renderer for Dark Solus: Remastered, and other game fixes.

Downloads and the list of patches making up Wine 8.0-rc5 can be found via

Wine 7.0 saw six release candidates before going gold as did Wine 6.0. We’ll see if another release candidate comes next week for Wine 8.0 followed by the stable release or if the reduction in activity this week is a sign of Wine 8.0.0 being very close to its debut, in any event this yearly stable release will be here soon.

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