Wine Weekends at Omni Brewing

4:28 PM | Friday, March 29, 2024

A Maple Grove taproom that branched out into the world of wine is offering the beverage during its aptly named Wine Weekends event series. 

Omni Brewing has two locations: a Maple Grove taproom and brewery and a Rosemount winery and taproom.

Previously, their wine wasn’t available at the Maple Grove location.

Starting March 29, the company will be offering seven varieties of wine at the Maple Grove taproom. 

“I’m just really passionate about making wine in general, and so getting people to experience high-quality wine, is really what makes me excited and happy,” said DJ Leffin, winemaker for Omni Brewing. “The winemaking process takes about a whole year from start to finish, and so we are just starting to bottle our second vintage.”

The company decided to offer its wine in Maple Grove after seeing its popularity in Rosemount.

“We started it down in Rosemount and it was really successful and we’re like, wow, we really need to make this something that’s available up here as well,” Leffin said. “It’s been really popular.”

The brewery offers and intimate and homey wine tasting experience, according to Leffin.

“Maple Grove, you really have much more of that kind of small, cool, taproom community,” he said.

maple grove wine weekends

Omni Brewing in Maple Grove is offering wine on weekends.

Wine Brings Wider Audience

Having both wine and beer allows the brewery to appeal to a wider audience.

“Being able to come to a place where you can have both beer and wine is just absolutely exciting because, I’m sure if you’ve been out with any of your friends, you know, this person’s a beer drinker, this person’s a wine drinker, and where can you go to get both of those experiences?” Leffin said. “And that’s what’s really great about these Wine Weekends.”

Omni has bottled the following varieties: white zinfandel, sauvignon blanc, viognier, rosé, malbec, syrah, and a red blend.

Wine is available Friday to Sunday at the Maple Grove taproom until October.

Omni is donating 10 percent of wine sales to local non profits including the Three Rivers Park District, Minnesota Spinal Cord Injury Association, Clean Water Action and College Possible.

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